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Outrage After Popular Rapper ‘Lynches’ White Child in Music Vid. One Tweet Shows He’s Not Sorry

The rage on twitter has been intense and many are calling for his Youtube page to be un-monetized, a move Youtube has made for several controversial conservative personalities. 

The rapper, who goes by the name “XXXTentacion” released the music video for his most recent song called, “Look At Me!”. People certainly are now, but maybe not the way he intended.

Several images from the video are below.


 A rapper has sparked controversy after releasing a video of him appearing to lynch a white child

 XXXTentacion released the video today sparking outrage online

In a scene that was clearly designed to evoke maximum emotional response, the rapper can be seen walking a black and white child both to a noose.

The rapper whose name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, then places the noose over the head of the white child while the black child watches.

The white child is then depicted strangling to death while being hung.

Many have questioned the type of parent that would allow their children to participate in such an awful project or work with such an awful artist.

As you might expect, Twitter was set ablaze…


 In the video the child can be seen being hoisted into the air on a stage by the rapper


Astonishingly, he seems to be reveling in the negative attention the video has brought proven by his retweeting of a Fox News story about the video.


Hopefully Youtube, Facebook and Twitter come to their senses and XXXtension’s ability to monetize this type of content will be stripped away.


H/T The Sun.

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