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As Air Force One Takes Off in Background Sarah Sanders Reveals What Hillary Keeps Forgetting


While on her whirl-wind book-signing, interview-giving, Trump-bashing book tour, Hillary Clinton made a fairly stunning announcement calling for the end of the Electoral College. Clinton, who won the popular vote by ~3 million votes has been criticized strongly for her near-constant excuse giving for why she lost the 2016 Presidential Election.

“This is about the 900th excuse she’s given for why she lost,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on “Fox & Friends” this morning.


The list of excuses is indeed long and far-ranging. While she claims to take responsibility herself for the loss, she has also pointed the finger at Democrats like Bernie Sanders and President Barack Obama, government officials like James Comey and even more abstract and un-provable things like misogyny.


“This book tour has done nothing but prove to America they were right in the decision that they made in putting Donald Trump in the Oval Office, and not Hillary Clinton,” Sanders said.


She said Clinton is just illuminating all the reasons why she was not a good candidate and why she would not be a successful president.


“That’s why they chose Donald Trump. He actually had a message. He was focused on solving problems, not placing blame, which was what most of her campaign was about,” Sanders said. “He had a message, and he’s certainly carrying that through as we move into the fall with a very ambitious legislative agenda.”


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