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Navy SEAL Governor’s Reaction to Rioters Puts Entire Obama Admin to Shame

Eric Greitens made clear in a Facebook post that violence in his state by protestors, including those from Black Lives Matter would not be tolerated and that the only “safe space” for violent snowflakes would be a jail cell. 

Violent protests began Friday after former police officer Jason Stockley was acquitted of first-degree murder and other criminal charges.

The damage caused by the protestors and looters was extensive and included store fronts, vehicles and even an incident in which a cement brick was thrown at police officers. 

In a deep contrast to The Obama Administration, which allowed these protests to continue unabated, Greitens uploaded a video to his Facebook page early Sunday morning showing that his officers have been arresting protesters for committing crimes rather than allowing them to do whatever they want.

“Our officers caught ‘em, cuffed ‘em, and threw ‘em in jail,” Greitens said.



Greitens was telling the truth – police have arrested more than 80 criminal protesters in St. Louis.

“In the past, our leaders let people break windows, loot, start fires. They let them do it. Not this time,” he said.

The former Navy SEAL made it clear in his Facebook post that the people aiming to harm officers and destroy property aren’t protesters. They’re criminals.

“Tonight, the police arrested the vandals,” he continued. “At this moment, they’re all sitting in a jail cell. They’re gonna wake up and face felony charges.”

From Conservative Tribune:

In the past, former President Barack Obama and leaders like him sat idle and allowed these “protests” to get violent.

The Obama administration did nothing while riots in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland, or Milwaukee, Wisconsin went untamed and cause damage and destruction to people’s homes and businesses.

After eight years of Obama siding with Black Lives Matter rioters, this governor’s reaction to looters and vandals puts the Obama administration to shame.


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