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Watch These College Students Praise Bernie Sanders’ Tax Plan… Until They Find Out It’s Actually Trump’s

Trump’s tax plan has been in the headlines quite a bit lately, however, to many it is not clear exactly what that tax plan entails. Cabot Philips of Campus Reform decided to see how familiar students at George Washington University were with Trump’s tax plan, and whether the fact that it is associated with the President has any impact on their willingness to lend it their support.

When the tax plan was associated with Trump, students claimed it would be “better for the upper class than anyone else”, among other standard Democratic talking points. However, when the components of Trump’s tax plan were attributed to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, students labeled the plan “positive” and “a good idea”.


When asked by Philips whether “Sanders’ plan” was better than what Trump was proposing, one of the students said it was “definitely better than whatever Trump is proposing, I would make that leap right there.”

Based on Philips’ experiment, it sure appears that some students could benefit from doing their homework on what Trump really stands for.



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