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Gold Star Widow Says President Trump ‘Has Been Nothing But Amazing To Me’

President Trump has been deeply criticized over the last week for his interactions with a widow of a slain soldier, Myeshia Johnson. Trump was reportedly disrespectful to Johnson on a condolence call he placed to her after her husbands death. Now, other Gold Star widows are coming forward to tell of their experiences with the president. One of them is Brittany Jacobs. Jacobs lost her husband, Marine Corp Sgt. Chris Jacobs, in an ambush attack this year. Jacobs went on Fox News to tell of her experience with the President. Jacobs said that Trump has been “nothing but amazing to me” and that she thinks the president was just trying to help Johnson get through the pain of losing her husband. Her full comments below:


“Honestly, the president has been nothing but amazing to me and my family. And I think it’s sad the way the media, not the media but, per se, the way everyone is politicizing it. The president, I think, when he called her, I think he had the best of intentions.

“I feel that no president would call a family member, especially as soon as they lost their loved one and say, you know, anything that they think would offend them or upset them.

“By no means are her feelings wrong, and they’re hers, but it’s a sad thing that has happened. I think people just need to step back and give the president a chance and see that, you know what, he was trying to do the right thing. He was trying to support this family. And just see the good in it.

“I feel like he was trying to be supportive and caring. I feel like it’s just been twisted all around.

“That’s not the president that I know and that I have an experience with. He has been so caring to me and my family.”



A very different story.

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