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Canada Just Asked The US For Help – The Reason Has People Saying “I Told You So”

Canada likes to advertise itself as a country that welcomes immigrants and refugees with “open arms”. Indeed, their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made a habit of personally greeting those immigrants as they arrive in his country. However, a request by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale shows the true nature of the situation.

Goodale asked his counterparts to the south to give Canada a hand tracing back travel visas that they say are being used to cross to the US. “We have asked them to go back upstream and examine the pattern of these travel documents being issued and how come the people to whom they were issued appear to have had no intention of staying in the United States, but were simply using the documents as vehicles to get into the United States and then make a beeline for the Canadian border,” Goodale said in a recent interview.

In other words, Canada wants the US to be less lenient in its policies because it fears that those actions are causing headaches to the north. So much for Trudeau’s “#WelcometoCanada” policy.

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