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Trump Just Fired Back At Jeff Flake – Letting Everyone Know What His Meeting With Senate GOP Was Like

Tuesday was a hectic day for Capitol Hill Republicans, as President Trump headed to Congress to have lunch with GOP Senators amidst a high-stakes tax reform fight with Democrats. Republicans have been on alert about passing the tax package they have put together, aware that it may well be their last chance to show results to their constituents before facing the voters in November 2018.

In the middle of this sprint to get things done came Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, who spent the morning railing against President Trump to reporters, saying the President was “kneecaping” his Secretary of State and moving the world closer to war. The leading Republican senator also said that Trump’s attendance at the GOP lunch was nothing more than a “photo op” and “not really about substance”.

Later that same day, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, a longtime critic of President Trump, announced that he would not be seeking re-election in a highly-publicized Senate speech lambasting Trump and saying that he would “not be complicit”. Almost immediately, speculation swirled about how the President would respond to two Republican Senators bashing him on the same day.

Predictably, the response from the Commander-in-Chief came in a series of Wednesday morning tweets dubbing the Senate luncheon of the previous day a “love fest” and mocking the two outgoing Senate critics for having avoided seeking re-election because they had ‘Zero Chance’ of winning.

It remains to be seen whether, and how, the war of words between the President and the small handful of Senators from his own party who have become among his harshest critics continues.

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