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Queen Elizabeth II Has Won An Epic Amount Of Money At The Horse Track – Here’s How

Queen Elizabeth II has many distinctions, including being the longest-serving head of state in the world and one of the longest-serving monarchs in UK history, however, the royal record-breaker can now add yet another distinction to her list.

The Queen has many activities that she conducts every day as part of her responsibilities, but in her spare time, one of her main passions is horse racing, and generations of horses she has owned have won prizes worldwide. Indeed, one of the ways the Queen has conducted affairs of state, including improving relations with other monarchies such as Bahrain, is through a shared love of horse racing with their leaders. Now new data from the British Horse Racing Authority shows just how successful the royal racehorse owner has been.

Over the past three decades, Queen Elizabeth II is recorded as having earned a whopping £6.7 million, or $8.8 million, from horse racing. Her thoroughbreds have won 451 victories out of 2,815 runs since 1988, giving her a winning percentage of 15.9 percent. That gives the Queen a nice chunk of change in addition to her regular salary.

Who knew the Queen of the UK was also the Queen of horseracing?

Twitter weighed in on the new revelations:


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