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Morning Joe Guest Says Trump Is ‘An Authoritarian Oriented Populist’ Because He Wants Troops Out Of Syria

Joe Simonson
Displayed with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation

A Tulane University professor made an interesting insight into President Donald Trump’s governing style on Thursday’s “Morning Joe” during a discussion about a report that the United States is considering withdrawing its forces from Syria.

Walter Isaacson, a professor of history at the New Orleans-based university, said that such a move is consistent with Trump being “an authoritarian oriented populist.”

“Well, I do think you have to put everything [Trump’s] done in this context of him not being a traditional conservative or a Republican but very much of an authoritarian oriented populist,” said Isaacson.

He proceeded to tell the panel that the president’s “nativist instincts and isolationist instincts” are what’s informing his possible decision that the U.S. should take a less active role in overseas conflicts.

“Worried about immigration, nativist instincts and isolationist instincts that we’re not going to be involved in the Middle East or places like Iraq and Syria the way we have been before. I don’t know why people are that surprised that suddenly he’s going back to doing everything he said he would do but this is not a traditional Republican or conservative approach either to foreign policy or to trade or to American values and institutions,” added Isaacson.

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