Saying Kanye’s Mentally Ill Wasn’t Far Enough For Kimmel – He Actually Recommends Treatment

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel implied rapper Kanye West and President Donald Trump are both mentally ill and should be hospitalized on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday.

“This was something special. The much-anticipated lunch between Kanye and his majesty, Donald Trump, turned into so much more than just a lunch,” Kimmel said.

“Why they decided to allow cameras into this meeting, I have no idea.” (RELATED: Kanye West Defends His Support Of President Trump On Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Kimmel called the conversation “crazy” and suggested West and Trump should be admitted to a mental institution.

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“Even the people who love Donald Trump should be, like, ‘well, maybe he’s not the best when it comes to decision making after this because not only was this a crazy conversation for this White House, this is the kind of conversation that would typically be held between people wearing hospital bracelets,’” he continued.

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Kimmel also mocked Trump for having to sit there quietly while a “madman” ranted and raved in his face.

“Yeah, that’s the President of the United States sitting quietly while an irrational madman rants and raves at him,” he concluded. “Now he knows how we feel every morning when we wake up to him.”


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