Thousands Flock To 2020 Campaign Team As Presidential Race Begins

The 2020 campaign trail is underway, and it looks like the Republican base is as engaged as it was when President Donald J Trump won office in 2016. How is engagement measured? One way to measure this type of engagement is tracking voluntary participation in politically-oriented movements.

The 2020 Campaign Team, a Republican Super PAC supporting President Trump and Conservative ideals, has seen explosive growth through its membership program. The program allows regular citizens to promote their ideals and values while also having a meaningful impact on the political process.

Here’s how the program works: Simply join the 2020 Campaign Team, which supports the PAC’s efforts to elect, elevate and promote politicians who hold Conservative ideals.  Donors also receive a discount at the WAGA store, access to tele town halls with prominent Republicans and special a chance to participate in setting the agenda for WAGA.

Membership levels are tailored to suit the various needs of politically-engaged citizens. Whether members simply want to donate monthly, participate in political discourse with high-level politicos or publish their own opinion pieces, the 2020 Campaign Team’s membership levels cover every individual’s unique preferences.

Momentum is strong and will not slow down soon. Engagement with Super PACs like 2020 Campaign Team are one of the best, most efficient and reputable ways to be involved in America’s political process.

Update: Follow this link to join the 2020 Campaign Team today and get a free MAGA Hat!

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