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Former Independent Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman asserted, in a Wednesday interview on “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” that Democrats will lose the 2020 presidential election if a far-left candidate wins the primary.

“Too often it’s that small so-called core constituency that has this proportion or influence,” Lieberman said in reference to the primary process.

“So you asked me about the Democratic Party: this is going to be a contest for the identity of the party once again. Look, I hope the party remains a center-left party, which it’s been at its most successful. If it goes over and becomes a far-left party, I don’t think it’s going to be able to elect a president in 2020.”

Lieberman ran as a Democrat under former Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election against former President George W. Bush. Despite winning the popular vote, Gore and Lieberman lost the electoral college, similar to what happened in the 2016 presidential election.

Lieberman also took the time to slam freshman Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for her comments involving the American Isreal Political Affairs Committee, or AIPAC(RELATED: Rep. Omar Defends Tweet Claiming ‘Isreal Has Hypnotized The World’)

“First thing is the words matter,” Lieberman said. “When people say words that are biased, bigoted and hurtful to another group of people, another group of Americans, they have to be condemned quickly or else it takes hold. That not only refers to thinking about antisemitism, racism, I think about any kind of bigotry to any religious group. I think this is a time of testing for the house of representatives.

“If I may, it’s really a moral test about how clearly they will speak out in this case against what Congresswoman Omar said, which was clearly anti-Semitic,” Lieberman concluded.

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