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  • New Zealand politicians, members of the media, and non-Muslim women embraced displays of Muslim faith Friday in an effort to show solidarity with the country’s Muslim community after the Christchurch shootings. 
  • Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern donned a hijab, along with thousands of other non-Muslim women, and recited a passage from the Koran at a ceremony in Hagley Park shortly before the Muslim call to prayer was broadcast nationwide.
  • Despite overwhelming support for the #scarvesinsolidarity campaign, Muslim and non-Muslim critics lambasted it, arguing that hijabs are used to oppress women in Muslim majority countries. 

New Zealand politicians and journalists have embraced Islam in their efforts to show solidarity with the Muslim community after the Christchurch shootings.

Thousands of New Zealanders engaged in nationally sanctioned displays of Islamic faith Friday, ranging from the national broadcast of the Islamic call to prayer and non-Muslim women donning hijabs to newspapers running Arabic greetings on their front pages. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, police officers, and news anchors joined in the displays of faith throughout the day. (RELATED: Female News Anchors In New Zealand Are Wearing Hijabs After Attack)

New Zealand broadcast the Islamic call to prayer at 1:30 p.m. local time nationwide, the time when the attacks began the previous Friday, on both television and radio. Thousands of New Zealanders of various faiths also gathered at Hagley Park and other areas around the country to attend a live call to prayer, followed by two minutes of silence and reflection.

Ardern also recited a passage from the Koran prior to the call to prayer.

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Remembering Srebrenica@SrebrenicaUK

On this holy day of Friday for Muslims across the world, we join those in New Zealand who have observed the Muslim call to prayer and two minutes of silence in Christchurch’s Hagley Park, one week after the terror attacks that killed 50 people at two mosques.3212:35 PM – Mar 22, 2019See Remembering Srebrenica’s other TweetsTwitter Ads info and privacy

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WATCH: New Zealanders of all faiths observed the Muslim call to prayer on Friday in memory of the worshipers killed during the Christchurch mosque attacks.

50 people were killed in shootings at two different mosques one week ago.1

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One week on from the mosque shootings which left 50 dead, people across New Zealand joined the call to prayer and held a two-minute silence in honour of the victims.

Politicians and members of the media also reportedly began their broadcasts and addresses with the Arabic greeting Al Salaam Alaykum.

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New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern opening her address to Parliament today: “As-salamu alaykum, peace be upon you, and peace be upon all of us.”10.1K12:45 AM – Mar 19, 20195,594 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

Some New Zealand newspapers also featured a version of the greeting on their front pages.

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