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New $39 Daypack Cooler

Whether you are a camper, fisherman, cyclist or just a regular old beach bum, you understand the need for a good, portable (and affordable) cooler.

Herein lies the problem with modern-day coolers. Most coolers fall in one of three categories – too big, too small or too expensive. Sure, a Yeti might be relatively easy to carry around compared to a traditional Coleman, but who wants to spend $300 on something they use just a few times a year?

When I heard that the cooler company Tourit was working toward a solution to this problem, I was incredibly intrigued. Tourit has developed and designed an everyday cooler bag that works as both a messenger bag and a daypack cooler, and it retails for just $70. (You can actually get one right now for just $39).  

The Tourit messenger bag cooler, called the ZOOM Trailer, has all these functions and more. It is an insulated cooler that can keep food and beverages cool for up to 24 hours with freezer packs. And it has non-insulated front pockets to keep extra snacks like granola bars. (The front actually detaches to become its very own fanny pack – very convenient!) If your plan is to take this daypack to the beach, you can take full advantage of the bottom straps to carry your towels and blankets.

But when you aren’t at the beach or on the trail, that does not mean that your ZOOM Trailer has to collect dust in the. I quickly found the stylish ZOOM Trailer becoming my go-to messenger bag. It perfectly holds my laptop (it can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches), and the front pockets ably handle my cables, my chargers and even my phone and keys while I bike to work. Oh, that is the other thing – the ZOOM Trailer features a special hanging hook and bike straps to attach directly onto your handle. How to join me in getting a Tourit ZOOM Trailer.

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