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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged Tuesday that Democrats would respect the outcome of the presidential election in 2020 if President Donald Trump was re-elected for a second term.

“Oh, I think we have to respect the vote of the people,” Pelosi said while speaking at Cornell Club in New York.

“Winning an election is a decision,” she continued. “You decide you’re going to win, and therefore, you make every decision in favor of winning.”


Trump notably refused to say in 2016 if he would accept the election’s outcome, which sparked outrage among the left side of the aisle. However, since his rise to the presidency, Democratic politicians have frequently contended that his win was not fair and that the election was stolen from his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

“We respect the vote of the people,” Pelosi said. “I’m not sure that President Trump would have respected the vote of the [2018] election if we had won by a few seats, by a few votes — he would have challenged the whatever it is. But that’s not who we are. Yes, if he wins.” (RELATED: Stacey Abrams Feels ‘Comfortable’ Saying She ‘Won’ Georgia Race Despite Losing Georgia Race)

Failed Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams also continues to claim that she won her 2018 election, despite losing by nearly 50,000 votes. Abrams has conceded that she is not currently the governor of Georgia, but only because of racist voter suppression.

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris echoed Abrams’ claims Wednesday, stating that Abrams, along with failed Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, both “would be the governor” if their respective elections were fair.

There has been no evidence to corroborate Abrams’ or Harris’ claims.

“We have to make a decision that [Trump’s] not going to win and that decision some times has an unease for some people who may want to go way in one direction or the not.,” Pelosi said. “But rather than saying we just have to win, true to our values, so that we can do so many good things for the American people.”

“But no, we have to respect the results of the election,” she added. “I don’t believe [Trump] would have.”

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