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Ari Fleischer critiqued James Comey’s latest op-ed Wednesday, saying that the former FBI director had left out three very important words: “We were wrong.”

Fleischer made the comments during a segment of “Fox & Friends.”


“Do you know what was missing?” Fleischer asked. “Three words. ‘We were wrong.’ That was missing from the entire op-ed. He actually writes in there that they had reason to believe that Carter Page was an agent of Russia? He wasn’t. None of what they investigated turned out to be true. So why doesn’t James Comey, the humble man that he is, have the courage to say, ‘we got it wrong and we put our nation through two years of misery alleging these people colluded with Russia’?”

“Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth asked whether Fleischer, former press secretary to then-President George W. Bush, believed that any evidence might come out that would lead Comey to admit he was wrong. (RELATED: Ari Fleischer Nails Media’s ‘Propaganda’ Hypocrisy In One Tweet)

Fleischer laughed, saying, “I think Comey will admit he is wrong if he gets a news conference to get everyone to cover him. He loves the coverage and being at the center of the attention — he did when he was Deputy Attorney General in the Bush administration. He has done it routinely as FBI director.”

Comey’s piece, published Tuesday in The Washington Post, was titled “No ‘treason.’ No coup. Just lies — and dumb lies at that” and defended the FBI’s work with regard to the origins of the Russia probe and the Mueller investigation.

The former FBI director made the case against ignoring the “rants” of President Donald Trump:

We shouldn’t, because millions of good people believe what a president of the United States says. In normal times, that’s healthy. But not now, when the president is a liar who doesn’t care what damage he does to vital institutions. We must call out his lies that the FBI was corrupt and committed treason, that we spied on the Trump campaign and tried to defeat Donald Trump.

Trump has called for an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe saying that something like this should “never happen to another president.” He has given Attorney General William Barr blanket authority to declassify documents relating to the FISA warrants that first authorized surveillance of Trump associates and campaign aides.

Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff, who called for then-President Barack Obama to declassify some of the same information just prior to Trump’s inauguration, argued this past week that it was “un-American” for Barr to declassify the information.

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