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Independent Vermont Sen. and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders labeled a Politico article digging into his finances “anti-Semitic” during an interview over the weekend.

Sanders stated, “Call that what it is. It’s an anti-semitic article,” in an interview with The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur.

Politico’s article from last month, “The Secret of Bernie’s Millions,” was an investigation into how the self-proclaimed democratic socialist amassed significant wealth and properties despite “unrelentingly” railing on the 1%.

“The whole article, it’s littered with innuendo about, like, ‘Oh yeah, he talks about millionaires and billionaires controlling government, but now he’s a millionaire,’” Uygur previously stated back when the story was published, according to Mediaite. “It’s a one smear after another after another after another.”

Aside from the content of the article, some of the illustrations to go along with the article faced criticism. One of them showed Sanders, who is Jewish, looking off into the distance with a mansion over one shoulder and a tree with dollar bills as leaves. Another one shows him holding a house in his hands with two more houses appearing on each shoulder. The three houses represent his three properties.

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez previously weighed in on the articlequestioning “how photoshopping money trees next to the only Jewish candidate for president and talking about how ‘cheap’ and rich he is *isn’t* antisemitic?”

Sanders speech writer David Sirota and chief of staff Ari Rabin-Havt also criticized Politico’s article.

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