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Ryan Leaf Weighs In On Baker Mayfield’s Attitude, Says It’s ‘A Fine Line You Have To Walk’

Ryan Leaf had some solid advice for Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The young NFL passer is known for his attitude and antics, which many think takes away from his talent on the field. Leaf says it could become an issue if the Browns aren’t winning a ton.

“Baker Mayfield’s behavior worked last year because they won. Now, if they don’t win this year, are people going to look back on it and say – it’s a fine line you have to walk when it comes to that,” Leaf, who has struggled with substance abuse, said during a recent appearance on the NFL Network, according to 247Sports(RELATED: Baker Mayfield Criticizes Texas Quarterback Sam Ehlinger)

Leaf is 100% correct on this one. You can get away with a lot when you’re winning. You can pretty much get away with anything when you’re winning football games.

That’s how sports work. When you start losing, it’s a different ball game. If Mayfield wants to behave in an over-the-top manner, then he should win in a fashion that goes along with that kind of attitude.

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