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DNC Chair Tom Perez Says ‘Squad’ Represents ‘Remarkable, Rich Diversity Of The Democratic Party’

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez praised members of “the squad” Thursday, saying the four progressive congresswoman represent the party’s “rich” diversity.

During an appearance on CNN Thursday, Perez defended the congresswomen from President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks, as well as criticism from more moderate Democrats in Congress. (RELATED: Ilhan Omar Filed Joint Tax Returns With Man She Wasn’t Married To)

“These four women and everyone in our Democratic caucus reflects the remarkable rich diversity of the Democratic Party,” Perez said. “Our diversity is our greatest strength.”

The president directed his ire at squad member Ilhan Omar during a rally Wednesday, leading some in the crowd to chant “send her back,” referring to the Minnesota congresswoman’s home country of Somalia. Omar has been accused of being involved in a sham marriage with her brother in order to game America’s immigration system, something the president brought up before his rally last night. (RELATED: Ben Carson Defends Trump, Says President Is Not A Racist)

“Our unity is our greatest strength and our unity is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare,” Perez said. “We saw it in 2018 where we won elections.”

Perez’s comments also come at a time when some House Democrats have reportedly been simmering over how much attention Omar and her fellow “squad” members have received.

One anonymous congressional Democrat reportedly told CNN’s Jake Tapper that “the squad” is distracting the party from focusing on “bread and butter” issues that swept the party into the majority during the 2018 midterms elections.

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