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President Donald Trump Sends Envoy To Sweden For A$AP Rocky Case

President Donald Trump sent a special envoy to Sweden for the trial of rapper A$AP Rocky.

The American music icon has been held in Swedish custody ever since an altercation with people following him around turned physical, despite the fact he tried multiple times to defuse it. Now, we know Trump has sent some people to help in whatever way they can while his trial is ongoing. The star rapper has so far pleaded not guilty to the absurd assault charges. (RELATED: Donald Trump ‘Disappointed’ Sweden Won’t Release A$AP Rocky)


The Associated Press reported the following on Wednesday:

Swedish news agency TT said Trump sent the U.S. special presidential envoy for hostage affairs to Stockholm to monitor the court proceedings and to show support for Mayers.

The special envoy, Ambassador Robert O’Brien, was seen at Stockholm District Court in the morning. 

A senior U.S. official in Washington described O’Brien’s presence as part of an effort to convey Trump’s concern about the case, support American citizens “and, to, hopefully, bring them home.”

This is a great gesture from Trump, but it’s the wrong guys to be sending. The time for special envoys came to an end weeks ago. It’s now time for special forces.

It’s time for military action. If we’re serious about getting Rocky out of Swedish custody, then drastic measures must be taken.

Put an aircraft carrier in the Baltic Sea, and have a tier one unit on standby for a rescue mission.

If the Swedes still want to beef once Delta hits the ground, then they can suffer the consequences. The much more likely outcome is they run for cover as we free A$AP.

Once our boys hit the ground, the Swedish will know we mean business when it comes to protecting American citizens.

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