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Trump: I ‘Would Love’ To See Colin Kaepernick In The NFL ‘If He’s Good Enough’

President Donald Trump told reporters Friday that he “would love” to see former quarterback Colin Kaepernick return to the NFL if the league’s owners deem him good enough to play.

Kaepernick posted a video to his Twitter page earlier this week where he said was “still ready” to play if a team was willing to sign him. (RELATED: Kamala Harris Claims Colin Kaepernick Was Orchestrated By Russian Bots)

“In your view, Mr. President, should Colin Kaepernick get an opportunity to play in the NFL?” the reporter asked.

“Only if he is good enough. If he is good enough,” the president replied.

The president seemed to dismiss concerns that Kaepernick would still be in the league if he had not led a league-wide protest of America’s national anthem ahead of the 2016 NFL season. (RELATED: Gavin Newsom Says Nike Did ‘The Right Thing’ In Pulling Betsy Ross Flag Shoes)

“I think if he was good enough- I know the owners, I know Bob Kraft and so many of the owners, if he is good enough, they’d sign him,” Trump said.

Trump argued that NFL owners are primarily focused on winning, and would have no qualms about signing the former quarterback if they believed he would help them win games.

“So if he is good enough, I know these people. They would sign him in a heartbeat,” Trump said. “They’ll do anything they can to win games.”

The president concluded by saying that he’d have no problem with a team signing Kaepernick as long as the move was for football reasons.

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