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Report: Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Had A Portrait Of Bill Clinton Posing Provocatively In Blue Dress

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly had a portrait of former President Bill Clinton posing provocatively in a blue dress and red heels, a new report says, citing an anonymous source.

The Daily Mail reported Wednesday that a portrait of the former president dressed similarly to his former mistress, Monica Lewinsky, hung in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.

Epstein, the convicted sex offender and politically-connected financier, died in prison Friday night following an apparent suicide. (RELATED: Bill Barr Says Epstein’s Death ‘Raises Serious Questions’)

The Daily Mail cites an unnamed source who claims to have been visiting Epstein for a “business proposal” in 2012, and snapped a blurry picture of the portrait which appears to resemble Clinton.

‘It was absolutely Bill Clinton. It was shocking – it was definitely a painting of him. It was a very provocative, sexual picture,” the source reportedly told DailyMailTV. “He was wearing heels, a blue dress and his hand was in a weird position.”

The source also claimed that she saw a girl “who seemed to be 14”  waiting to see the convicted pedophile.

The outfit is presumably a reference to Lewinsky, who’s semen-stained dress emerged as a key piece of evidence that ultimately led to the president’s impeachment. (RELATED: Bill Clinton Calls For Assault Weapons To Be Reinstated)

Clinton’s relationship with Epstein has come into focus in recent weeks, following Epstein’s arrest on sex trafficking charges and his subsequent suicide. Clinton logged multiple trips on Epstein’s private jet, Epstein and his alleged “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell also attended a fundraiser at the White House during the Clinton administration.

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