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Sean Spicer Says Scaramucci Is ‘Cat-Nip For The Left-Wing Media’

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer took aim at Anthony Scaramucci over his recent attacks on President Donald Trump, saying that his comments served as “cat-nip for the left-wing media.”

Spicer, during a Wednesday appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” argued that Scaramucci, who worked in the White House for just under two weeks, was being used to “create a controversy.”

“There is this growing feud with Anthony Scaramucci and the president,” host Sandra Smith began, going on to show clips of Scaramucci attacking Trump and the president’s response. She then turned to Spicer, asking, “What’s going on here, Sean?” (RELATED: Scaramucci, Trump Have A Falling-Out As POTUS Dings Him For Being A Television Expert)

“I think what’s going on is Anthony obviously wants to express his view out there. I think it’s unfortunate that he is doing this because if he really was a friend of the president he would confide to him in confidence what his opinions and concerns were and give him sage advice to help him be successful,” Spicer explained, criticizing Scaramucci for appearing on CNN. “It’s catnip for the left-wing media to go out and use somebody like him to create a controversy.”

Host Bill Hemmer then asked Spicer whether Mercedes Schlapp had been correct in her assessment that everyone in the White House had been “scared to death” of him during his brief tenure.

“I have not and never will be scared of him,” Spicer responded with a laugh. “I do know that it was a very rocky tenure. Obviously it was after I had announced that I was leaving the White House, I do know that there was some concern about his management style, if you will.”

“He has become, as I said, cat-nip for the left-wing media because they want to find somebody who is going to say whatever they will against him. I think where he is losing the battle is the folks on the left and the media, they are going to use him for their sound bite, to go against of the media, to go against the president now, and then they will forget him in a week. That’s that,” Spicer concluded.

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