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Bernie Sanders Wants A Moratorium On Deportations

With the 2020 election process in full swing, immigration has been a hot-button topic for both parties. Democratic Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, in recent interviews, claimed that if he is elected to office he will put a temporary hold on deportations and provide health insurance to everyone in this country, including illegal immigrants.

He contradicted this statement in a 2013 interview, saying that in the “…inner cites there’s 30-40% unemployment. Do we really need hundreds of thousands of workers, entry level workers from around the country, coming and competing against these kids? I think not.” (RELATED: Flashback: Bernie Sanders Compared West Baltimore To ‘Third World Country’)

In turn, he said in a recent interview that the United States needs “serious comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship.”

Bernie’s ideas on immigration seem to be all over the map. What do you think about immigration reform? Let us know in the comments below!

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