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Tucker Carlson Mocks CIA, ‘Least Impressive’ Congressman Adam Schiff In Opening Monologue

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized the CIA and Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff on Thursday, specifically mocking the intelligence agency for a number of historic failures.

The Daily Caller co-founder kicked off his show Thursday night with a monologue pointing out how the agency couldn’t predict the Korean War, or the Cuban Missile Crisis. He also said the CIA falsely predicted that Iraq under Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

“In fact, their biggest success in the past 50 years may have been creating the Taliban,” Carlson said. “If John Brennan had been working for a nonprofit business, there would have been a shareholder revolt a long time ago, and probably criminal charges.”

He then targeted Schiff, saying: “One reason that permanent Washington is so powerful, of course, so resistant to change or oversight, is that it makes alliances with some of the least impressive, but most ambitious members of Congress. Just days ago, for example, House intelligence chairman Adam Schiff claimed his office had no contact whatsoever with the CIA whistleblower.”

Tucker then played a clip of Schiff on MSNBC denying haven “spoken directly” with the Ukraine whistleblower, a reported member of the CIA. (RELATED: ‘Chilling:’ Former CIA Officer Tells Tucker Why Trump Should Ask Senate To Investigate The CIA)

“Schiff also claims to know nothing about what was in the whistleblower’s complaint before it came out,” Carlson said.

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