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‘Our Democracy Is In Flames!’ Abby Huntsman Sounds The Alarm

Abby Huntsman sounded the alarm Friday, saying that for her, President Donald Trump’s calls for other countries to investigate the Bidens crossed a line.

“Our democracy is in flames, and some of these people are sipping their coffees in the morning like everything is just fine,” she said during Friday’s episode of “The View.”

Joy Behar began the segment by asking why Republicans were remaining silent instead of defending the president, and Meghan McCain immediately jumped in with a list of Republicans who had spoken out against Trump.

“I knew you were going to say that. That’s why I got the list,” she explained.

Huntsman shook her head. “What more do people standing by this need to know?” she asked. “What more do they need to see this as being incredibly serious because if you look back, he has now three times the president pushed another government to get involved in our elections?”

“He’s doubling down and wanting to prove Republicans will stand by — not all but some will stand by him no matter what,” Huntsman continued. “But I was having a conversation with the producer, and she made a great point and said how are we going to explain this to people in 20 years? How when they ask us —”

“You can’t,” Behar interjected.

“When our democracy is in flames and some of these people are sipping their coffees in the morning like everything is just fine,” Huntsman finished. (RELATED: Abby Huntsman Claims Ivanka Trump ‘Wanted To Tell Me Something That She Couldn’t’)

Sunny Hostin argued that going forward with impeachment inquiry was all the answer that was needed. “The answer is Congress does its oversight job, which is their constitutional duty, to impeach this president for these actions. That is the answer we tell our children 20 years from now. That’s the answer,” she said.

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