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Hemingway: The Media Is Mostly Ignoring That Biden’s Brother Is Also Involved In Scandal

Mary Margaret Olohan on October 7, 2019

The media is mostly ignoring that former Vice President Joe Biden’s brother is also involved in a scandal, said Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway.

Hemingway discussed the Biden family’s business dealings in Ukraine with “Fox & Friends” hosts Monday. Both Biden’s son Hunter Biden and brother James Biden have been involved in shady business dealings, Hemingway said.

“It’s not just his son. It’s also his younger brother James who is involved in some of this as well,” Hemingway said. “There has been a little bit of news coverage about it.” (

The Federalist editor pointed out that a July New Yorker profile said a Chinese businessman gave Hunter Biden a diamond gift.

“It’s kind of surprising that some of these media figures are so ignorant of these facts or claiming that to talk about these facts is a conspiracy theory,” Hemingway said.

“I actually think it’s so much worse than just a double standard, which is something that we’ve seen for a long time,” Hemingway added. “We actually have a story here where [President] Donald Trump and a few people in the government are trying to get to the bottom of what actually happened in the 2016 election, which involved some meddling from foreign countries — it involves the weaponization of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies. And as this comes out, they’re trying to … refocus this story in a different direction. And it is not good.”

Hemingway’s comments come after Diverse Medical Management CEO Michael Frey told Politico that James Biden told potential investors that his brother’s cancer initiative could promote their business. Frey’s health care firm is suing James Biden.

James Biden promised Integrate Oral Care executives that Joe Biden’s cancer organization would promote the Florida-based oral care organization, Frey told Politico. James Biden made the pledge on a phone call on or around Nov. 8, 2018, said Frey.

“He said his brother would be very excited about this product,” Frey said.

Diverse Medical Management is suing James Biden and his Tennessee partners, alleging that James Biden and his partners weren’t honest in their investment offers in attempts to cause it to go into bankruptcy, Politico reported in September. Diverse Medical also said James Biden and his partners hoped to take the company’s business model.

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