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Ivanka gets candid: “It’s always been hard”

The Kiddos

It’s hard to imagine being a kid of two senior advisors to the president. That’s real life for Ivanka Trump, though. Both Ivanka and her husband are kept busy – not just with their high-profile careers, but also their three young children. 

She’s not shy when it comes to explaining her reality, though. She’s candid about the struggles they face as a family – authenticity and hard work are key in her world. Look below to see what she has to say about family life. 

Credit: Instagram

“My family drives me in all of my decisions. It’s so important to me that my children are happy. And they’ve made a real sacrifice. It’s really hard to have two parents working in the West Wing. So I’ll very much take a cue from my children in terms of what they need from me at any given moment.”

– Fox Business, 11/4/19

Credit: Instagram

“I feel in fairness to my children I was never under a microscope like I am today. I also feel that I want to keep something that’s for myself and I don’t want my children to experience the negativity of the internet.”

– ABC News, 2/4/19

Credit: Instagram

“Its always been hard. I’ve always worked and I’ve always had to balance. This is an experience that every working parent has… I have more resources and more structure around me and more support than a lot of families do. I don’t think its necessarily harder for me, it’s just different.”

– Fox Business, 11/4/19

Credit: Getty Images

“I’m lucky to be married to my best friend. He nourishes me, he lifts me up, he’s my greatest champion. He’s the best dad ever, although I still do most of the heavy lifting.”

– ABC News, 2/4/19

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Fun fact: Ivanka usually starts her mornings with crackers, cottage cheese and sliced fruit prepared by her husband, Jared. She wakes up at the crack of dawn – 5:30 a.m. – to start the day! 

Source: Yahoo

Sometimes she’s spotted doing quick jogs with her husband through the city. 

Throwback photos of Ivanka with her three children.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram
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