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Ivanka’s Bob, Explained | Melania Gives A Christmas Tour

Ivanka has had her short, honey-blonde bob for a while now. A few months ago, though, her look was entirely different. 

Did she give up her long, icy blonde locks for a reason? We found a few answers from image experts that weighed in on why she made the chop. 

Credit: AP Images

Founder and CEO of Hollywood Branded, Stacy Jones, says that Ivanka is “taking control of her own brand, which includes how she is physically perceived.”

She suggests that Ivanka’s short bob is “more business-like and professional,” which is important when “dealing with world leaders on the global stage.”

It makes sense, considering she’s making big moves with her two major projects in the administration: her Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (created just this year), and Pledge to America’s Workers. 

Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Image consultant Amanda Sanders told Refiney 29 that she thinks the cut is about Trump’s re-election campaign.

“She wants to reestablish credibility because her father’s campaign is coming up,” said Sanders. “She’s going to be heavily involved in it, and this hair makes her look more grounded and more mature and more professional. You take her a little more seriously.”

Credit: Robin Utrecht/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock; Fernando Vergara/AP/Shutterstock

The publicity following Ivanka’s new look created $25 million in revenue online, according to Critical Mention. People couldn’t take their eyes off the ‘new’ Ivanka.

Regardless of the reason why she chopped, Ivanka’s obviously confident enough to rock her femininity without the need for long hair. And, it’s clearly working for her!

Melania Trump gives tour of White House Christmas decor

Melania gives us a tour of the Christmas trees scattered throughout the White House, each decorated with its own meaning. Over 230 volunteers came to set up the displays in only six days! 

Plus, Melania spills the beans on where the Trump family will be for their Christmas vacation, and whether they exchange gifts.

A very recent throwback – to Ivanka’s family Thanksgiving. The first daughter’s kiddos were thrown into the spotlight on Instagram, full of turkey and happy to receive attention.

Ivanka rarely puts up photos of her kids online, so it’s even crazier that she chose to do so on such a big holiday!


Pictured are:

Arabella, 8 years old, front right

Joseph, 6 years old, back right

Theodore, 3 years old, front left


Theodore is all tucked in, and wearing all-Giants fanwear!

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