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This Once-Liberal is Winning Over the Trumps | White House on #WorldAIDSDay

Someone is coming out of the woodworks, and stealing the hearts of all the Trumps: his name is Brandon Straka. 

Tiffany Trump retweeted Brandon Saturday morning after a night out meeting the president. “I’m so glad @BrandonStraka got to meet my father, 
@realDonaldTrump! Thank you Brandon for sharing your journey, “walking toward patriotism and a new, unified America! We are the future of this great nation!” #KAG #MAGA #WalkAway.” 

Brandon is a New York native, openly gay, and no longer the liberal he thought he was. His recent shift to the conservative movement is exactly the reason why he’s had so much success.

Brandon’s rejecting the “hate” culture he fell for as a liberal. Now, he’s running a grassroots movement called the #WalkAway campaign. By that, he means walk away from the Democrats.

In September, he was interviewed by Lara Trump herself. Lara praised Brandon and asked him why he chose to #WalkAway.

Credit: Donald J. Trump / YouTube / Real News Insights / Screenshot

Brandon was just a hairstylist and aspiring actor in New York before his fame hit, both with his campaign and with the Trumps. Along with the #WalkAway movement, which started in 2018, Brandon has become a regular contributor on Fox News.

Credit: Screenshot / Fox News Now

Donald Trump has even retweeted Brandon on Twitter, providing his thanks and encouraging his efforts. It’s clear he’s gained support from the first family!

“Real News Insights with Brandon Straka”

Lara Trump interviews Brandon Straka about his #WalkAway campaign, speaking at Trump’s 2020 rally, the Democratic debates, and the reason why he now rejects liberalism. 

The White House helps raise awareness and stands with those affected by HIV and AIDS on #WorldAIDSDay. 

Credit: Melania Trump / Twitter

An enormous red ribbon hung from the north portico of the White House on Sunday, which serves as an annual tradition.

Melania Trump posted on Twitter to share, saying, “Today we stand with everyone living with HIV & AIDS, and honor those we have lost. #WorldAIDSDay @WhiteHouse”

Credit: Melania Trump / Twitter


Melania’s turkey pardon outfit, 2018

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