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Newly-released book catches Melania and White House by surprise

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“Free, Melania” – an unauthorized biography

Kate Bennett, a CNN reporter who covers Melania Trump full-time, released her long-awaited book on Tuesday titled Free, Melania.

The book is a behind-the-scenes look at Melania’s life transition into becoming the first lady of the United States. It writes a story of both her public and private life – based on her role as a mother, her work in the administration, her infamous style choices, her relationship with Ivanka, her husband’s infidelity, her position of power, and plenty more.

Credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

The Hashtag

The title of the book stems from the #FreeMelania hashtag. Many believe that Melania is somewhat trapped in her role as the first lady, but Bennett writes that this is frankly not the case. 

“Not only did Melania have power and influence with the president, she perhaps had more of both than anyone else in the entire White House,” Bennett wrote. 

“Whether people assume she is complicit in Trump’s beliefs and actions by being married to him and staying married to him or whether they think she is standing by his side… it doesn’t matter to her.”

The Truth (or lack of)

Although Bennett worked in cooperation with the White House for parts of the book, the final version reportedly has many false details that were not expected in the ultimate release. 

Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s spokesperson, commented in regards to this misalignment with the truth. “Our office worked with Kate in good faith on her book, and thought she would do an honest job… It continues to be disappointing when people, especially journalists, write books with false information just to profit off the First Family,” said Grisham.

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Following Bennett’s book release, a column came out published by the Washington Post highly criticizing Melania and claiming she was “sending coded messages.” The columnist, Monica Hesse, wrote rather concerning and eery messages in the article, which as a whole is being highly criticized. 

“I have wondered whether Melania Trump is a genius,” Hesse wrote. “I have wondered whether she’s an idiot. I have wondered why I wonder about her at all.”

Credit: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Montage

Hesse then went on to say that she would like for Melania “to mean something in the way that we would all like any of this chaotic era to mean anything… What if there was no meaning. What if we stopped inventing meaning…”

It’s clear this book is leaving people dazed and confused. If you want to venture into the unknown, you can purchase Bennett’s book on Amazon. Fair warning – don’t trust everything you read and hear! Melania’s life is her own to tell. 

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