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Did Donald Forget to Buy Melania a Christmas Gift?

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Credit: Associated Press

A Wonderful Christmas Time

Merry Christmas to all! Melania and Trump were spotted attending a church service called “Candlelight Christmas Celebration” at Family Church Downtown in West Palm Beach.

Jimmy Scroggins, the church pastor, greeted the two and gave them a nod during his homily.

Speaking about their attendance, he said, “There was no Secret Service. There was no motorcade. There was no gaggle of press.” The first lady and president were able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas without interruption or distraction.

Following the service, they headed to a Christmas Eve dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

Last Minute Shopping

In addition to dinner and service, the president made a video call to troops stationed overseas last night. Though the question he received from a deployed intelligence analyst might have gotten him into a bit of trouble on Christmas Day.

He was asked what he got Melania for Christmas…

And he responded, saying, “That’s a tough question.”

“I really should say, a very beautiful card,” Trump said. “I picked the nicest one. A lot of love, we love our family and we love each other and we’ve had a great relationship, like you do, hopefully, with your spouses … I’ll answer that by saying I’m still working on her Christmas present, is that okay? There’s a little time left.”

Here’s to hoping their time spent together was better than the gifts themselves!

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