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From Paris to Switzerland: Ivanka and Jared To Attend Forum in Davos

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Credit: Ivanka Trump / Instagram

Exploring Heights in Black and White

In more photos shared by the first daughter, Ivanka was pictured gazing out at the city of love atop the Eiffel Tower. She kept her hair tied back in a bun and sported a $3,490 Ralph Lauren Brendan houndstooth coat. The coat is now sold out on Ralph Lauren’s website.

Ivanka isn’t done traveling yet, though. Although back in the states, she’ll be back on a plane with her husband, Jared Kushner, in just a few short weeks. They’re set to visit the highest city in Europe: Davos, Switzerland. 

Why Davos? It’s where the World Economic Forum is held every year. According to a White House press release, President Trump will bring the two senior advisors with him as part of the U.S. delegation attending the 50th anniversary of the forum. 

Guests ranging from celebrities to political world leaders will be attending the event. Although it’s been criticized as a ‘gathering of the rich and powerful’, the forum brings people together with the intent of holding organizations accountable as stakeholders to all parts of society. You can visit the World Economic Forum’s official website here to learn more!

Today’s Top Post

Carolina Hurley (@CLH45 on Twitter) was touched so deeply by her trip to Africa with Melania, as part of the #BeBest campaign, that she raised the money to build a children’s classroom in Lilongwe, Milawi.

Milawi is the second poorest country in the world, and also home to the Chipala Primary School. The school was so overcrowded that, among other issues at hand, many classes had to be held outside year-round. 

Hurley raised the money to fund a new classroom and help over 9,000 children get the education they deserve! 


Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Melania attends a 2018 safari at Nairobi National Park in Kenya

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