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‘Bull****’: Buttigieg Flips Out On NYT Writer Who Says He ‘Was On The Front Lines Of Corporate Price Fixing’

Peter Hasson on January 16, 2020

Democratic 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg grew heated in a New York Times interview when one of the paper’s editorial writers said the former mayor “was on the front lines of corporate price fixing.”

NYT writer Binyamin Appelbaum began a question to Buttigieg in his interview with the paper’s editorial board by saying, “You’ve been on the front lines of corporate downsizing. You’ve been on the front lines of corporate price fixing.”

“Whoa, whoa whoa, that’s, that’s, I’m sorry, that’s —” Buttigieg interrupted.

“You’ve been on the front of our misadventures in foreign policy. You’ve had direct experience in many of the things that make a lot of young people very angry about the way that this country is operating right now,” Appelbaum continued. “You don’t seem to embody that anger.”

“So the proposition that I’ve been on front lines of corporate price fixing is bullshit. Just to get that out of the way,” Buttigieg said.

“You worked for a company that was fixing bread prices,” Appelbaum insisted, referring to Buttigieg’s work for consulting firm McKinsey. One of the firm’s clients, a Canadian grocery chain, was implicated in a years-long price-fixing scandal.

“No, I worked for a consulting company that had a client that may have been involved in fixing or was apparently in a scandal. I was not aware of the Canadian bread pricing scandal until last night,” Buttigieg said.


The interview, which The NYT released Thursday, is the latest in a series of sit-downs the paper is conducting with Democratic candidates ahead of its planned primary endorsement on Jan. 19.

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