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Putin ‘Owns Donald Trump,’ Says MSNBC Analyst Claire McCaskill

Peter Hasson on January 23, 2020

MSNBC analyst and former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill on Thursday accused President Donald Trump of being controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

McCaskill said Putin “owns Donald Trump — lock, stock, and barrel.”

The former senator suggested Putin was the one who brought up alleged Ukrainian election interference to Trump.

“I think Putin told him about it,” said McCaskill. “This is all Putin pulling his string. He owns Donald Trump — lock, stock, and barrel.”

“So I think this was a twofer for Donald Trump — he could please Putin, which clearly he’s more worried about than pleasing many members of the American people, and at the same time, he had a perfect place to try to get Biden,” she said, referring to Trump’s request that Ukraine investigate Hunter Biden.

None of the other MSNBC panelists challenged McCaskill, who once called Trump the “founder of ISIS.”

McCaskill lost her Senate seat in the 2018 midterm elections, at which point the Democratic senator promptly joined MSNBC as a contributor.

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