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Leave Us a Comment ↝ Did Lara Trump Make Fun of Joe Biden’s Stutter?

What They’re Saying


Shutting Down the Accusations

Haters gonna hate, and we’re gonna investigate. So here’s the scoop. Lara Trump attended a Trump campaign event in Iowa last Friday, where she said this:

“I feel kind of sad for Biden … I’m supposed to want him to fail at every turn, but every time they turn to him I’m like, ‘Joe can you get it out? Let’s get the words out Joe. I kind of feel bad for him. The problem is, that’s their front runner, guys.” 

Vox reporter Aaron Rupar picked up quick on this comment, and quickly fired at Lara on Twitter saying she was mocking Biden’s stutter – which Biden has talked about openly to the public.

The president’s daughter-in-law, however, is not one to sit back and take the heat. Similar to Donald Trump, Lara says what’s on her mind and only what she believes to be true. In response to Rupar and critics that followed suit, she said this: 


“Yet another example of the egregious reporting we see every day in the mainstream media. Anyone who takes 10 seconds to watch what I actually said can clearly see that I never mention a stutter — didn’t even know he had one — but they can’t help themselves.” 

In today’s political media climate, it’s more pertinent than ever to think for ourselves and understand what’s real news, and what’s not. If you’d like to leave us a comment on what Lara said, scroll down to the bottom of this page! You can also watch the video-in-question and see Rupar’s tweet by clicking here.

Lights, Camera, Action

Real News Insights with David Harris Jr.

Watch below as Lara Trump interviews David Harris Jr. in her latest “Real News Insights”. 


Trendsetting Style

Credit: AFP via Getty Images

The details: We bring to you… another dress from the WEF forum in Davos! Ivanka didn’t just bring her brains – she brought her closet, too!

Ivanka wore this beautiful satin green Carmelina dress, paired with matching green heels, near the end of her first day in Davos. It’s made by Reformation – a sustainable and transparent clothing company with standards that combine both social and environmental impact. 

The midi-length Carmelina dress is only $298 and – surprise! – it’s not sold out online yet. If you want to check it out for yourself, click here


Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany, and Eric on July 19, 2016, as they attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio

Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images


  1. dan January 24, 2020

    no worries laura even j.b. admits he has a studder

  2. Robert S. Pelno January 24, 2020

    Don’t worry about what the lame stream media has to say Laura. We all know about their biased opinion’s and lies about anything President Trump related. I’m not as worried about The President being reelected as I am about losing our majority of the Senate. We also need to win the house to fully expose the Democrats for the corrupt party they are and really always have been. I would like to apologize for my senate representative Murkowski for being the Rino she is. She has burnt her bridge up here and mostly despised know.

  3. Robert S. Pelno January 24, 2020

    Keep up the great work Laura and don’t worry about the lying Propaganda Lame stream media. We always know when we’re on the right track when they misrepresent are words.

  4. Donna January 24, 2020

    Ivanka was right on.I also didn’t know Joe Biden had a stutter.A brain? Not,
    the man doesn’t even know where he is most of the time!

  5. CyndiRN January 25, 2020

    Lara as any Trump woman deals with any situation with class.

    Leave the lies and dirt to the mainstream media. That’s what they get paid to do, LIE.

    As for me and my family mainstream media isn’t listened to or watched.

    We have minds of our own and know how to seek out the truth.

  6. Emilia March 23, 2020

    Why shouldn’t she?!

  7. Joy Ferrales April 11, 2020

    That a Girl ! Laura just keep up the great work you are doing ! And don’t listen to the lies the mainstream media is saying. Really JB does have a problem with speech and needs anger management to control his temper when someone disagrees with him. He really isn’t the best choice to be running for a great position as President. I love Trump and what he is doing for this nation. The United. States of America is great again because of his leadership and love of God and country.

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