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Update: Ivanka’s Summit a Success

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The details: Ivanka wore this beautiful linen white dress, complete with flowing frayed sleeves and a belted waist, to the White House today. To accessorize her look, Ivanka wore a large gold brooch and simple black heels. The mother-of-three bore subtle makeup as she made her way to the human trafficking summit, sporting a pale smokey eye look and light rosey lipstick. 

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Source: Jaco Booyens/Twitter

Combatting Human Trafficking: Part 2

At Ivanka’s human trafficking summit at the White House tod ay, President Trump signed an executive order as promised to target child sexual exploitation. 

Even more significant is the new position announced in the White House: a role designed specifically to combat and eradicate human trafficking. 

The summit began at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Friday. Prior to the event, Ivanka stated on Twitter that there are currently “24.9 M people… trapped in forced slavery, domestic servitude or sex trafficking.”

Ivanka made the first opening remarks at the summit to introduce key guests and reiterate the relevant progress made by her father. 

For example, the president has signed into law nine pieces of legislation that address human trafficking since he’s been in office. 

Ivanka then introduced a human trafficking victim, Jessica, who she met with while touring anti-trafficking facilities a month ago in Atlanta. 

Overall, the event was a success – and you can watch the video of Ivanka’s speech below!

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