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Tom Steyer Pivots To Climate Change After Being Asked About Military Action In The Middle East

Chris White on February 7, 2020

Billionaire Tom Steyer appeared to pivot to one of his favorite topics after a moderator at Friday night’s Democratic debate asked him about what makes him the most qualified to be commander-in-chief.

“This view of the world — that our response should always be military — is driven by our gigantic military complex and ignores the biggest problem that we face internationally in the world, which is climate change,” he said. “And it cannot be solved with guns, and tanks, and planes.”

Steyer was referring to a discussion point suggesting that U.S. military power should be used in the Middle East.

Climate change can only be solved “with diplomacy and allies and interaction with other countries,” Steyer added.

Steyer staked his fledgling presidential campaign to two issues: impeaching President Donald Trump and fighting climate change. He has since plowed more than $100 million into his campaign trailing only former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has put nearly $300 million into advertisements.

Steyer has used climate change as a cover during past Democratic debates. He said during January’s debate that he could never vote for USMCA because it doesn’t address climate change.

“So let me say this. I’m the only person on this stage who says climate is my number one priority,” Steyer said. “I would not sign this deal, because if climate is your number one priority, you can’t sign a deal — even if it’s marginally better for working people — until climate is also taken into consideration.”

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