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Lara Takes on Jury Duty

The Inside Scoop

Credit: Steven Hirsch

Lara Reporting for Duty

Participating in the judicial process through jury duty falls on every citizen of the United States – and that recently included Lara Trump!

On Monday – just days after her father-in-law’s Senate trial ended – Lara was spotted at the Manhattan Criminal Court in New York.

According to the New York Post, she was questioned by a reporter around 10 a.m. on the 15th floor, saying, “Absolutely, I’m serving jury duty!”

Soon after, Lara was escorted from the building by Secret Service officers. Harvey Weinstein’s trial was occurring simultaneously down the hall.

Other recent appearances by Lara include a stroll through Central Park with her son Luke, who is two years old. She also attended President Trump’s State of the Union address and has been on the campaign trail with her fellow family members. 

Today’s Top Post

Lara confirmed her jury duty by posting the photo below on her Instagram story. Lynne Patton is a Trump aide and RNC speaker.

Credit: Lara Trump / Instagram

Lights, Camera, Action

First Lady Melania Trump Welcomes the 2020 State of The Union Guests

“President @realdonaldtrump and I were honored to have our guests join us to hear the annual #sotu address last week. People everywhere can take inspiration from their optimism, strength and courage,” said Melania on her Instagram today. 

She was referring to the video below – watch Melania conduct herself beautifully at her husband’s third SOTU address. 


Ivanka speaking for a panel at the G20 Summit – 2017

Credit: Ivanka Trump / Instagram

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