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Outsider Candidate and Trauma Surgeon Dr. Manny Sethi Surging Against Romney Financier in Tennessee

One of the most fascinating GOP primaries of the 2020 cycle is unfolding in this year’s Tennessee Senate race, as Dr. Manny Sethi, a conservative Nashville trauma surgeon, takes on Mitt Romney’s close friend and former campaign finance Chairman, Ambassador Bill Hagerty.

Dr. Manny Sethi, the son of first generation immigrant doctors who left India after fleeing Muslim persecution, has built his campaign on stopping ilegal immigration.

 In the first ad of the race, Sethi says, “We’re going to have an illegal immigration invasion if Democrats win in 2020. That’s why I’m running. And go ahead: let ‘em try and call me a racist,” says Sethi.

Sethi’s mother also talks about the outrage she feels at the double standard among liberals. “My husband and I were young doctors who wanted to come to America, “says Chander Sethi. “We waited seven years, followed the law, immigrated legally. So why do others get to break the law, get welfare benefits, and if you say that’s wrong, you are called ‘Racist?”

To be sure, cries of racism have long been a staple of the Democrats’ playbook whenever immigration debates come up. Sethi believes that because of his unique personal story, he has the ability to take the issue on in ways that other Republicans have been afraid to before.

“President Trump is right: we need to completely change the way we think about immigration policy with one goal in mind: putting America and her interests first. 

Over the last 50 years, we’ve seen the fastest pace of change in American history, and we’ve done it with almost no regard for the impact t this has on American families and workers.

It’s time to come to a full stop, say, ‘hold up’ and cut legal immigration until Democrats prove they are serious about securing the border and protecting this country,” says Sethi.

We have massive challenges to face over the next two decades as millions of jobs are going to be automated away. So why in the world do we want to crush American workers by flooding the job market with cheap labor?” 

Sethi’s commercial was instantly met with outrage by liberals across the country.

Jenalyn Sotto, of the National Women’s Law Center, blasted the ad. “Manny Sethi’s ‘illegal immigrant invasion’ rhetoric as a Brown man is absolution porn for white racists and dog whistling for naturalized citizens and green card holders who are conditioned to believe that if they don’t call out unauthorized immigration, they’ll lose their status,” Sotto tweeted Thursday night.

Congressional Democrat Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, of Washington state was quick to decry the ad as racism, seemingly the thing that Sethi attempted to take head on with his commercial.

“It buys into the same old racist GOP tropes, and does not reflect MY values as an immigrant and proud, patriotic American,” Jayapal wrote.

Sethi’s campaign chairman Chris Devaney seemed unfazed.

“The Twitter and Facebook attacks from the left have been disgusting, but not surprising. It’s just another display by the radicals of their intolerance — people who want to silence anyone with whom they disagree,” Devaney said.

The Republican Primary is August 6th.

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