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Lara Fights to Eliminate Greyhound Racing in West Virginia

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Credit: Lara Trump / Twitter

A Leading Animal Advocate

“If I can be an advocate and people will listen to me for the president or dogs or whatever I care about, I am happy to get out here and fight for it,” said Lara Trump in 2018.

Lara is continuing her fight for animal welfare in 2020 – and her actions prove her commitment to a worthwhile cause.

A senior advisor to the president and a passionate dog lover, Lara is supporting a bill in West Virginia to end greyhound racing in the state.

The bill would cut race funding entirely – the $17.4 million would instead go to the State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund. In addition, the bill proposes a state tax credit for individuals who adopt the racing dogs. 

This isn’t Lara’s first time around the track. In 2018, she was instrumental in ending greyhound racing in Florida. The state committed to phasing out the sport by 2021, which is monumental considering it has the highest number of tracks in the United States.

In a radio interview on Tuesday with MetroNews “Talkline”, Lara said:

“Are we supporting a sport that is barbaric and really gruesome and kills animals? It’s not right what happens to these dogs, and we’ve seen so much excitement in Florida, quite frankly, since this passed. We’re making sure that all the dogs get homes, it gets phased out in the proper way, and we’d love to see the same thing happen in West Virginia.”

The West Virginia bill will be presented to Governor Jim Justice for a vote on Wednesday.

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