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Lara Trump on the safety of Trump supporters

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Lara Advocates for Safety of Trump Supporters 

Trump supporters are not safe – but major news outlets seem to skirt around issues like this entirely. 

Recent events, such as the physical attack on a 15-year-old wearing a MAGA hat in New Hampshire, suggest a long-standing narrative from anti-Trump voters. Such a narrative proposes “that ‘normalizing’ Trump supporters is itself somehow ‘violence,’” according to Lara Trump in her most recent op-ed for Newsweek

The president’s daughter-in-law is right in noting that “we must all come together to condemn political violence, most of all the national news media.” It’s a shame that the most important news – topics that concern the safety of our children – are being overshadowed.

To read more of Lara’s op-ed piece, follow this link.

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Melania Trump on the cover of New York Magazine | 2002

Credit: Firooz Zahedi / New York Magazine

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