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New York is a new Coronavirus epicenter, and Democrats block $2 trillion stimulus bill

New York has become an epicenter of the Coronavirus. The state now has 5% of the world’s cases. 

On Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the state to lockdown and closed all non-essential businesses. President Donald Trump has activated the National Guard to help New York, California and Washington, who have all been the most impacted by the Coronavirus. 

New York is also among the few states being prioritized to receive the first shipments of PPEs.

The Senate has been working tirelessly throughout the weekend to create and pass an almost $2 trillion stimulus bill; however, Democrats have blocked the bill, delaying aid to countless Americans across the country. 

Though Democrats helped construct the bill that was eventually blocked, they are citing that the bill did not provide enough aid to small businesses. Of course, Republicans in the Senate are frustrated, as Democrats are playing a political game that ultimately negatively impacts America, its economy and its people. 

While Americans around the country lose their jobs and struggle to pay their bills, Democrats continue to pander to their own interests. 

Nancy Pelosi stated that the House would be putting forth their own bill today, which would delay the process even further. Republicans agree that it is too late for this, that a move like this should’ve been made earlier. This decision is damaging to countless U.S. citizens.

Sen. Mitch Mcconnell reminded Democrats on the Senate floor: “This is a national emergency, not a partisan opportunity.”

The Senate plans to pass another vote on a revised bill today as early as noon ET. Hopefully, Americans will begin to see the aid they need to keep their businesses afloat and pay their bills as we wait for the curve to flatten.

PHOTO: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

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