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President Trump speaks at Fox News virtual town hall, says he wants country ‘opened up by Easter’


President Trump joined Fox News host Bill Hemmer at the White House lawn on Tuesday to answer America’s most pressing questions, reporting that he wants the country “opened up by Easter.”

“You’re going to lose a number of people to the flu, but you’re going to lose even more people by putting a country into a massive recession or depression. You’re going to have suicides by the thousands, you’re going to have all sorts of things, you’re going to have instability. You can’t just come in and say, ‘Let’s close up the United States of America.”

Dr. Oz, who contributed to Fox News’ medical panel, prompted Trump on how he can confirm an Easter deadline is safe from a medical perspective, and what would indicate a need to “pull back.” A relapse could happen, replied Trump, but much of what’s happening now could be done from a work environment without closing down businesses.

In regards to statements made by Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, the president reiterated recent news stating that Cuomo rejected buying a recommended 16,000 ventilators “establishing death panels and lotteries instead” in 2015. The government, he said, is already building hospitals and medical centers, working very hard for the people of New York. 

According to Fox News host Bill Hemmer, South Korea has flattened out its curve, with a death rate at around 1.2%, similar to the United States’ current death of 1.3%. Dr. Jerome Adams reports that although many people will get the novel coronavirus, about 90% of people have tested negative.

As of the last eight days, the U.S. has done more testing than South Korea has in eight weeks, accomplished only by recently transforming the testing process to focus on those with the highest risk. Around 290,000 tests have been done in South Korea, while the U.S. has completed over 300,000 tests. 

Dr. Brix neglected to answer Fox News host Bill Hemmer on whether she agreed with Trump’s goal to open the country up by Easter. Instead, she reported there are counties across the nation that have yet to report their first case. The next two weeks will be focused on collecting granular data to determine where the virus is actually expanding and what’s working to ensure it does not spread. 

Critical technologies are currently under development, including a fingerprint test which would use antibodies to determine whether individuals have been infected by COVID-19.  Dr. Brix said that those who do test positive for the virus, and make effective antibodies, should not be reinfected.

“We’ve had flues before, we’d have viruses before… I gave it two weeks. We’ll assess at that time, but we need to open this country up,” said President Trump.

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