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An interview with Lara and former Democrat on Washington ‘elites’

“Just like 2016, the election of 2020 will be a rebuke of the Washington elite from hardworking men and women all across America,” said Lara Trump in a recent webcast from Trump Tower.

Author and former Democrat, Harlan Hill, spoke with Lara Trump on her most recent “Real News Insights” to discuss his new book and the source of the president’s success. 

When Lara prompted Harlan as to why he wrote “They’re Not Listening”, he replied: “The Democrats and the media never let facts get in the way of their propaganda.”

Harlan discussed the long-standing denial of the media and the Left to stand up and “fix the problems of everyday Americans” which the president shed light on in 2016. 

“I think most of these people now that you’re referencing do feel like there’s a voice speaking to them in Washington, D.C. – that is why there has been so much support for this President,” said Lara.

Joe Biden will likely be the Democratic nominee for the upcoming presidential election, but Lara is clearly not worried. Building off Harlan’s ideas from his book, she used Biden as an example of the “elites’ total disregard for regular Americans.”

Videos such as the one of Joe Biden cursing at a construction worker and shushing his staffer speak loudly to the double standard the media applies to Democratic and Republican parties. When this video aired on MSNBC, both offensive parts were cut out.

It’s just another example of how the Left is failing America, and that history always repeats itself.

Photo Credit: Screenshot / YouTube / Donald J Trump

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