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Trump: “We’re going to find [the cure], the question is where and how fast”

On Thursday night, Sean Hannity held a one-on-one interview with President Donald Trump to discuss the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Hannity started the conversation by discussing Trump’s difficult decision to institute the travel ban to and from China at the end of January. Though many called him racist, former Vice President Joe Biden infamously calling Trump “xenophobic,” Trump said: “I’m very proud of [this decision] in retrospect.

“The travel ban was from the section of China, too, that very was in much trouble,” he continued. 

In 2009-2010, during the time of the H1N1 virus, former President Barrack Obama was praised by the media for his handling of the disease, though he didn’t act until six months after the pandemic hit the U.S. 

Millions contracted the virus, and 17,000 Americans died. However, many of President Trump’s decisions have been highly scrutinized by the media.

“If we had fair media, this country would be an even greater place to be,” said Trump.

Of course, Trump has placed bans to and from Italy and Europe and has closed our northern and southern borders, all in order to protect his country. Though he “took a lot of hell,” he still doesn’t regret all that he’s done.

“We did the right thing,” said Trump. 

But, many Americans approve as well. His approval ratings are at a career-high, and Trump is leaving the media critique behind him as he works with health care officials to create a cure, and eventually, a vaccination for the Coronavirus.

“We’re [the FDA] using certain medications that are used for other reasons. Normally it would take a long time to get approved for this, but I was able to get such fast turnaround, it was incredible because it was proven safe and it was strong stuff,” said Trump.

The drug used to treat malaria is currently being tested on patients in New York. Though experts are still unsure of its effectiveness, Trump knows we’re moving in the right direction.

“We have ten thousand units supplied and approved. People have been taking it now for a day and a half, and we haven’t heard bad news … maybe it won’t work, but we’re going to give it a shot. We have to see whether or not it works. A lot of people are saying this could be a big answer.”

“We’re going to find [the cure], the question is where and how fast,” said Trump.

Though the media is painting a bleak picture, Trump is proud of his country and chooses to look at the positives. For example, he mentioned that, after passing DPA, he hasn’t had to force manufacturers to make medical supplies, as many were willing to step up and be of service to their country. 

“It’s incredible what’s going on … the spirit, and the love of our country,” he said.

He’s also happy with how local governments have reacted to the pandemic.

“Most governors have been fantastic, whether they’ve been Democrat or Republican.”

We’re coming close to the end of the president’s “15 Days to Slow the Spread” campaign, and Trump’s outlook is a positive one: America, as a united whole, will beat the Coronavirus. 

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