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Trump: ‘No effort will be spared in winning this war’

On Friday, President Trump officially invoked the DPA as a way to force GM to prioritize manufacturing ventilators, which are, “literally the lifeline of the people.” 

He said: “My administration is marshaling the full power of the American government — we will continue to do that until our war is won.”

Trump explained that the goal is to manufacture up to 100,000 ventilators, not only for America but for other countries as well. His goal is to win the war against the Coronavirus, here and around the globe.

He also announced that Boeing is donating its Dreamlifter cargo planes to the federal government to help with the distribution of medical supplies across the country. Trump says each of these planes can carry 63,000 pounds of cargo per flight, which will be a big help in keeping every state fully stocked with the necessary medical equipment.

Also on Friday, Trump signed into law a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill, the largest of its kind ever signed. 

Though the road to signing the bill has been long, the president said: “I want to thank Republicans, and I want to thank Democrats for coming together for the whole of the nation.”

However, Trump says there may be a need for a phase four to help the states recover from the economic fallout from the Coronavirus.

Trump announced that Apple partnered with the Coronavirus task force, FEMA and the CDC to create an app that will help individuals who think they may have the Coronavirus determine what to do. Users will complete a brief survey about their symptoms, and the app will advise users on potential next steps, whether that be going to the hospital, or staying at home. The goal is to minimize the number of people entering hospitals. 

Currently, America is testing 100,000 people a day, more than any other nation. With many patients in New York already being used to test potential cures, Trump is hopeful that a cure for the Coronavirus is on the horizon. 

“No effort will be spared in winning the war.”

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