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Pelosi and Schiff prepare a House committee to ‘examine all aspects of the federal response to the coronavirus’

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she is creating a House committee to oversee the coronavirus response. This committee will be given subpoena power so that she and the committee can “seek information from the Trump administration,” Fox News reports. This committee was a proposal of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

In regard to the committee’s subpoena power, Pelosi said: “It would have subpoena power that’s for sure. It’s no use having a committee unless you have subpoena power.”

Pelosi assures that this committee is not an investigation of the Trump administration, but an investigation of the response as a whole. Though, it’s not clear what exactly that means. 

Fox News reports that, unlike the 9/11 after-action committee, Schiff’s proposal addresses the “here and now.” Instead of looking back on the administration’s response post-pandemic, in hopes of seeing what went wrong and what could have been prevented, if anything, the committee wants to oversee the allocation of funds as laid out in the $2 trillion stimulus bill. Essentially, Pelosi says she wants to ensure the funding is spent wisely.

In a conference call, she said: “The committee will be empowered to examine all aspects of the federal response to the coronavirus and to assure that the taxpayer dollars are being wisely and efficiently spent to save lives, deliver relief and benefit our economy,” according to NBC News

However, many are wary of the committee, as it was ultimately Pelosi who was responsible for preventing the original stimulus bill from being signed, as she and her fellow Democrats wanted to use the bill as a way to use taxpayer dollars, in the time of a pandemic, to pay for parts of the Green New Deal, among other partisan interests.

It was also Pelosi and Schiff who led the rushed impeachment of President Trump in December and January, which undoubtedly distracted the nation from the initial outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. And though GOP leaders wanted to address the coronavirus at that time, Democrats wanted the media to stay focused on the impeachment trial at hand.

Democrats and the mainstream media have been a huge roadblock in America’s preparedness for the coronavirus. After Trump instituted travel restrictions to and from Wuhan, China at the end of January as the first step in combatting this pandemic, Democrats were trying to convince the American public that this decision made him racist. Pelosi herself was encouraging Americans to go to Chinatown in late February, as a way to condemn Trump’s response. By late February, however, the fact that the coronavirus was a pandemic was undeniable. 

But, Pelosi is now re-writing history, saying that the initial threat of the coronavirus was “self evident.” 



It is self-evident that Pelosi and Schiff are not only angry that Trump was not removed from office in January, but that many of their partisan policies were denied in the stimulus bill. Perhaps an investigation should be conducted of the House Democrats, who are already proving can’t be trusted in times of emergency.

Trump invoked the DPA, forcing American manufacturers to create and distribute medical equipment and PPE for health care providers around the country. He closed our northern and southern borders to all non-essential travel. He has approved disaster declarations for multiple states, which allows for federal assistance to be used to supplement relief efforts. He instituted multiple travel bans, not only to China but also to Europe. He holds daily task force briefings to keep the nation up to date with his relief efforts. The list goes on. But, what have the House Democrats done, other than block a major stimulus bill which would help the American economy? 

It’s time the House do its job vs. trying to distract the president from doing his. 

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