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Trump: ‘Thank God for truckers’

On Thursday, on the South Lawn, President Trump delivered remarks celebrating America’s truckers. “That’s beautiful stuff,” he said upon seeing the delivery trucks. 

Trump referred to America’s truckers as “some of the heroes of our nation’s great struggle against the coronavirus.” 

Said Trump: “In a time of widespread shutdown, truck drivers form the lifeblood of our economy.”  

With shortages around the country, businesses closed and many too afraid to leave their homes, truck drivers have become the “foot soldiers carrying us to victory,” providing the American people with the supplies they need to live their day-to-day lives, and medical workers with the equipment they need to stay safe as they serve on the frontlines of this war.  

“Thank God for truckers,” exclaimed Trump. 

Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, took to the podium to offer words of encouragement and support to the truckers. She said, “The whole country is cheering you on. Without you, it would be impossible to keep our economy moving and to get food, medical equipment and essential supplies where they need to be … we are so grateful for what you do.”

Trump invited drivers from UPS, DHL Express, Big G Express and FedEx to say a few words.

“I just want to say I really appreciate the 3.5 million men and women truck drivers who are running up and down the roads, every day, supplying the essentials that we need, the groceries on the shelves, the toilet paper, etc. to keep our essential workers out there and keep them striving,” said Steven Richardson with Big G Express.

“We recognize and appreciate the unique position we are in, helping to deliver aid and keeping the economy moving during this challenging time,” said Tina Peterson with FedEx. “Everyone at FedEx would tell you, this is who we are and what we do.”

Trump presented each of the drivers with awards as a thank you for their service.  

“There have been so many lives lost, but the people here have helped us so much, and I am so honored to be with them,” said Trump. “We have to keep our truckers safe, fueled, fed and on the road … and we’re also working very strongly on an infrastructure package. If we can get some Democrat support, you’re going to have nice, beautiful roads again.” 

Trump announced that the federal government has been working with governors to ensure rest stops and truck stops remain open and have declared truck drivers and truck stop workers essential employees. 

“Truckers are playing a critical role in vanquishing the virus,” said Trump. “With the same spirit of faith and grit and abiding patriotism that defines everything they do, we know our truckers will never let us down under any circumstance … so I say God bless our great truckers, God bless every worker who is serving our nation in this time of need, God bless all who are sick and God bless America.”

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