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Protests continue over weekend to lift stay-at-home orders

Photo Credit: Elaine Thompson/AP

As governors continue to debate how and when to lift restrictions, growing public pressure has emerged in the form of protests across state capitals.

Last week,  many states – including Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina and Utah – were host to local protests calling on governors to give people the opportunity to protect their own communities. 

Gatherings continued over the weekend in Washington, where over 2,000 people came together in a peaceful protest termed “Hazardous Liberty! Defend the Constitution!”

“Shutting down businesses by picking winners and losers in which there are essential and non-essential are violations of the state and federal constitution,” a rally organizer told Reuters

On Friday, approximately 200 people in California called on Gov. Gavin Newson during a staged protest, carrying signs that read “”Quarantine the sick, not the healthy!” and “Open Cali now!”

Heads of states continue to voice concerns over the need for further testing and reagents before attempting to open businesses and allow individuals to go back to work.

“To try to push this off to say that the governors have plenty of testing and they should just get to work on testing — somehow we aren’t doing our job — is just absolutely false,” said Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan in an interview with CNN. “Every governor in America has been pushing and fighting and clawing to get more tests.”

Vice President Pence reported Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “there is a sufficient capacity of testing across the country today for any state in America” following the administration’s recent three-phase strategy to reopen the country. 

On Monday, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that “we want to supply the need, not the ask.”

“I would remind everybody that there is a Phase 3 approach to reopening… the reason there are phases is because this is data-driven, not date-driven,” Conway said.

Conway also voiced her support for the protests happening across the country, saying, “Some [governors] have been more concerned about, I think, controlling the populations than protecting them. And the President is just making that clear.”

President Trump voiced his own support to reopen certain areas of the country on Twitter, including Virgina, Michigan and Minnesota.

Photo Credit: Elaine Thompson/AP


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